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ISO 10373-6 Universal Contactless Bench



The main features of the Universal contactless bench are :

  • Ideal tool to perform RF testing based on the proximity technology
  • Presence of an automation software, allowing automatic performing of smartcards, e-Passports and NFC devices testing
  • Compatible with NFC Forum defined test cases
  • Complete toolset, allowing to perform each tests described inside the specifications
  • Performs smartcard/tag as well as reader testing
  • Uses an oscilloscope and a RF amplifier
  • Operates with the MP300 TCL1 and MP300 TCL2
  • Generation of comprehensives test reports
  • Supplied with all necessary accessories (antennas, coils, references)Completely implements the recommendations of the ISO/IEC 10373-6, ICAO, and ECMA 356 (NFC) specifications


This tool will typically be used in the following contexts :

  • Interoperability testing
  • RF characterisation of a readerRF characterisation of a tag, e-Passport, smartcard, or NFC device


The easiest way to carry out the tests defined by the ISO/IEC 10373-6 standard

Leading supplier of test tools for the contact & contactless smartcards industry, MICROPROSS offers you a complete range of test equipment.
Deeply involved in the ISO/IEC 10373-6 committee, MICROPROSS has elaborated this bench especially dedicated to contactless experts.
The ISO/IEC 10373-6 test apparatus is a ready-to-use equipement fully compliant with the latest amendements.
MICROPROSS responds to your needs with this accurate and robust test equipement thus sparing you the time for developping it internally.
The mechanism grants you highly accurate positioning of the components (up to 0.1 mm accuracy), giving your engineers the guarantee of the reproductibility of their measurements.


Dedicated to laboratories working in the contactless smartcard field, the MICROPROSS test apparatus allows the user to carry out the tests defined in the ISO/IEC 10373-6. This part of ISO/IEC 10373-6 deals with test methods which are specific to contactless integrated circuit card technology (proximity card).

An RF Amplifier and a digital storage oscilloscope are needed to carry out some measurements.

  ISO-10373-6 Universal Contactless Bench

Contactless Smart Card Test Apparatus

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