• DE-5245
  1. Overview


The DE5245 is a dispenser of RFID cards of the newest generation, with the RS232c interface.

The DE5245 only operates under PC control

The DE5245 does not contain its own RFID coupler. A polycarbonate support allows the integrator to install a reader.



2. General specifications


Accepted cards: Laminated Plastic PVC (non-transparent or translucent) with a

Thickness between 1 and 0.6mm

Card Transport: Motorized at 150 mm/s

Storage Capacity 250 0.76mm cards

Minimum card detection: approx. 25 cards

Communication: EIA RS232c 9600 N 8 1

Serial cable max. 15 meters

Power Supply: 24v DC +/- 10%

Consumption: 250mA 1.2A peak

Operating Conditions: indoor use only

Temperature range: 0 – 40°C

Humidity range: 30 – 80%



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