• ID-EYE-110

   ID-Eye UV light-Mag.      

 Benefits & Features

·         ID-Eye110 is the latest Handheld Ultraviolet light with a Magnifier built in.

·         ID-Eye110 is small enough to put in your Pocket.

·          3yr Warranty

·         View, Driver Licenses, Currency (Dollar bills of any denomination.) Poker chips,…MORE -  Anything with UV security,

·         3 ways to Power unit.           

·         Review without putting it up to your Eye... (6 to 8 inches).

·         Computer chip control – Cross over Light source. (Upper Leds and Lower Leds.)

·         Light Source = White Light  

·         Ultraviolet 365 nm wave length.  = UV source.

·         Power button hold one sec to turn on. 2 sec. to turn off.

·         Wall transformer included – (USB) cable to Wall. (5V)

·         AAA battery operation. Also…

·         USB power from computer…..Via Standard USB connection.

·         Lens is low distortion type. Coated Lens for Eye protection.


1.       Main frame ID-e110.

2.       Protective device bag

3.       Power adaptor. (Wall adaptor)

4.       USB cable.         (connect to Wall adaptor or Computer/Tablet)

5.       User Manual

6.       Warranty Card.

7          Cleaning Cloth for glass LENS.

8         Long Neck Strap.  (Lanyard)


USA VAR - Manufacturer/Sales:  TriCom Card Technologies, Inc.

Factory Origin: (ID-e110) parts from China / Product Assembled in USA,. Shipping from USA.


The ID-e110 is a user friendly UV and White light Magnifier for Analyzing Card Security features of UV and Micro Print. Also Cross – over or alternating light source chip controlled led’s illuminate from upper to lower led’s to inspect surface conditions, or lamination flaws. No other device gives the flexibility of low cost and high end visual analysis of cards like the HS110.



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