About Securetech

Working to create information systems with foresight and security
As represented by the emergence of electronic cash, electronic commerce and home banking, the on-going evolution of information network is about to change our lifestyles and social structure as well. In order to process an astronomical amount of information faster and simply complicated business procedures, a variety of industries and services, such as finance, physical distribution, education, medical care and entertainment, are rapidly incorporating new information systems. At the same time, it is becoming ever more certain that information needs to be reliable and secured.
SecureTech is a company of engineers who are well prepared for the coming information-intensive society by anticipating new social needs and creating next-generation information systems for the 21st century.
Capitalizing on a wealth of technological expertise and innovate ideas, SecureTech is ready to provide comprehensive support ranging from development of security devices to systems for diverse commercial needs.
SecureTech - manufacturer of smart card (IC card) readers and writers, Magnetic stripe readers and writers and various peripherals used in conjunction with Smart card and Magnetic systems such as Plastic card color printer and electro-mechanical card dispensers.
Established in 1997, SecureTech is highly experienced and active in the worldwide marketplace.
Corporate Head Quarters
Yokohama, Japan
Securetech Peripherals, Inc.
336 N. Gaffey Street 2nd Floor
San Pedro, CA 90731 U.S.A.
Phone: 310-547-8501

Walk in Hours
Mon - Fri - 10:30 AM to 4PM
US Pacific Time
Bank references:
Union Bank, Southbay Office
Mizuho Financial Bank, Tokyo Japan