• STAR-3150
Smart card simulation
Used to test terminal protocols and applications, or during the design of the smart card, the STAR 3150 allows the simulation of an asynchronous smart card through a rich set of APIs. 
You can develop and test your application (protocol T=0 or T=1) even without a smart card available as well as a variety of configurations, at any clock speed and any baudrate with the embedded MicroSmart® technology. 
The STAR 3150 can be tailored according to your needs to test the terminal functionality with different configurations : FI/DI factor, guard time adjustment, direct or inverse convention.
Protocol analyzer
The STAR 3150 traps all transitions on all signals between the ICC and the terminal, and is therefore a perfect tool for protocol analysis.
With a resolution of 50 ns, and an unlimited trace depth, you can observe the finest glitch on any contact of the ICC. 
Moreover, you will capture start bit, end of character and parity errors. 
The direction of the transaction (ICC to IFD or IFD to ICC) is automatically detected. 
Clock and Vcc measurement, capture of ATR, and PPS are other features of the powerful STAR 3150. 
You can find and fix quickly any error in the protocol or the application.
The STAR 3150 smart card emulator and protocol analyzer functions may be used simultaneously.
As the other STAR family products, the STAR 3150 is an open system. TCP/IP communication offers high-speed transfer of data between a host and the STAR 3150.
Multiple applications can be embedded in the STAR. 
These applications can be developed either in high level language, on a standard C compiler/debugger on PC, or in embedded environment if real time is needed. 
Multiple transmission formats are implemented for easy file and data exchange.



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