• ACR-3801 (FIPS-201)

Smart Card Reader Writer

Along with the rapid growth of technology comes the increasing prevalence of electronic data theft. This emphasizes the need to secure electronic data, thus necessitating the integration of smart card technology into current IT infrastructures. Following this trend, the ACR38 Smart Card Reader Series combines sophisticated technology and modern design to meet stringent requirements in smart card-based applications, such as payment systems and electronic identification, where a high level of security has increasingly been deemed essential.

Due to the rising demand of e-working methods (remote office, intranet, extranet and home office) and the increasing risk of unauthorized access to private network, it is time to properly secure access to PCs, desktops, and the Intranet and Extranet networks. ACR38 offers solutions based on smart card readers (connected to PCs) for access control.

Now, reinforced with CCID compliance, the ACR38U-CCID offers a driverless solution saving you the hassle of driver installation and driver-system compliance checking.
This CCID compliant smart card reader/writer is a USB full speed device which is the interface for the communication between a computer and a smart card. It is designed for the PC environment, and is the ultimate smart card peripheral for a PC.

ACR38U-CCID is a key partner of the PC as smart card is becoming an essential component in network security and electronic paymentsystem.

It is a low cost, yet reliable and effective smart card-to-PC interface with design focusing on convenient use and harmonywith other PC peripherals in shape and color.

It also provides the solution where the security of a smart card is required. It can be used as access control to a computer or network, authentication for e-commerce (B to B, B to C). It is also very simple to use and install. It is ideal for electronic commerce, home banking or e-purse facilities, secure computer access or any of a multitude of other applications.

Standard features :

  • USB full speed interface to PC with simple command structure
  • Read and write all microprocessor cards with T=0 or T=1 protocols
  • Supports 1.8V. 3V and 5V MCU cards
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Conforms with: ISO 7816, PC/SC, CE, FCC, USB Full Speed, Microsoft WHQL, EMV Level 1
  • Support ISO-7816 Class A, B and C  (5V, 3V, 1.8V) cards
  • Supports PPS (Protocol and Parameters Selection) with 1,743,250,000 bps in reading and writing smart cards

Typical Applications :

  • Home Banking and Home Shopping
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Checking the balance of account of re-loading an electronic purses
  • Network access control
  • S/W locking
  • Digital signature
  • Loyalty and promotions
  • Stored value
  • Identification
  • Ticketing
  • Parking and toll collection
  • Online gaming

Certifications CCID, EMV Level 1, ISO-7816 Class A, B and C ( 5V, 3V, 1.8V ), PC/SC, CE, FCC, USB Full Speed, Microsoft WHQL 2K, XP
CLK Frequency 4 MHz
Consumption max. 50mA
Environment 0 - 50 °C
Interface USB full speed
System Support Windows 2K, XP (Can be used on Windows 98, ME, coupled with the drivers downloadable from this website)

ACR-3801 (FIPS-201)

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